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Is Betting on Euro Hockey Popular?

A new avalanche of both sports betting apps and online bookies are being unveiled with increasing regularity. This clearly indicates that the gambling industry, per se, has a real hunger for a more diverse sports betting catalogue. Coincidence or not, greater media coverage of ice and field hockey has fed right into the mix. This is all fantastic news for hockey fans worldwide, especially in Europe as the rush for TV rights and sponsorship hots up. The knock-on effect of interest from the sports betting arena is enabling the hockey family to develop its profile, and in tandem, brings a wider audience and potential growth with it.

As with horse racing – for analogy purposes only – studying the form books and staying abreast with all of the competitions is the best strategy of ascertaining any possible edge over the bookmaker. Whatever your thoughts are on the morality of gambling, it will have an undeniably positive effect on the sport. Understanding all about your preferred game of hockey, and knowing the league inside out, is an extraordinarily rewarding pastime anyway.

A considerable part of the vitality in being a fan in any sport is the debate prior to the match – these deliberations, as we know, can last centuries – and subsequent predictions about several elements of the game, all of which are indeterminate.

Top EHL Teams

Holcombe had competed in the 2016/17 tournament, claiming an impressive 8 - 1 win over the Polish college side KS AZS AWF Poznan, eventually losing 2 - 1 to SV Kampong, a very capable and experienced Dutch side – no disgrace there.…

Hot Transfers on the Euro Ice

The EIHL – Elite Ice Hockey league – established in 2003 is set to become a magnet for Europe’s best players…


The EHF – European Hockey Federation – has a great mission statement – “To encourage, promote, develop and administrate hockey in Europe at all levels in order to maintain hockey as an Olympic sport on an Olympic program and maximise participation, standards, enjoyment and community involvement…